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The Bureau: XCOM Declassified – To Pre-Order or Not? Initial Impressions

XCOM has made quite a comeback with XCOM: Enemy Unknown, but what about The Bureau? Well those of you who actually care about XCOM might know a bit more about this title, it’s been teased and toyed with for a while now. It was originally slated as a “first person shooter” that quickly disappeared (including most of the old youtube video and promo items of that title…) Fitting that it then resurfaced as a 3D person cover based shooter called the Bureau whose promotional campaign ties well into its past…

But I’m not here to talk about that in too much detail I’m just here… well for the first time really, to ponder this question: “To Pre-Order, or Not“?

This is something I just wanted to try out for kicks, here is the breakdown:



  • Murky/Troubled History
  • Concern: not sure about Meta tactical/decision making layer that makes XCOM so interesting
  • Concern: not too sure if the meld between tactical and combat is done well enough
  • Concern: plot concerns… (come on… it’s aliens again…)

I am honestly a little torn about this one, it is certainly one of the games I am looking forward to in August but something worries me about it. I’m getting a “secretive” vibe like there is some large cover up going on or that we still do not have all the information we need (OW SNAP see what I did there???)…


For the time being I’m going to sit this pre-order out and see how the final campaign develops and possibly even how well received the game will be near/at launch. I do see myself picking up this title, but the question remains when…

What’s the Point of This?

Understanding the way games are marketed and promoted is a little interesting… My main objective to possibly writing future posts like these would be to document my impressions as a consumer and see what campaigns work, why they work, which ones don’t and if (ever) my own consumer concerns are right or wrong…

What are your thoughts? Leave comments below!

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