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Another Speedy Update

Hello Readers, UnrealScripters, UDKers, backers of Min, and Mom

This blog has certainly grown over the years, a long time ago I used to have just one visitor (hello mom!) but now it seems there is a modest amount of views per day, which is fantastic! Unfortunately, as is common with me, I tend to get super busy with my own games that I barely have any time for sleep let alone giving this blog all the attention it deserves… We at Cwerki (a little studio I founded website here: Cwerki Studios) are a very small team so we all need to work pretty hard to make up for things. It is a joy, but because of it I rarely have time for anything else.

Most of you come here seeking tutorials and information about UDK especially UnrealScript. I wrote those tutorials, what seems like a very long time ago and I always meant for them to be a start to a long series. I’m very glad these tutorials are helping so many of you out, and yes, I still intend to properly expand on them in the future, probably when Min is standing on its own two feet I’ll be able to do that. After all, taking care of a tiny planet with nearly eight billion cwerki fellows is no easy feat!

So, in closing, thank you very much for the views! I am really glad these tutorials are, at the very least, pointing some of you in the right direction. I hope that someday soon I’d have a little more time on my hands to focus on this little blog.

Until then, best of luck in all your developments.

P.S. if you are wondering what Min is, it is a game that I am working on with a small studio I founded (Cwerki Studios) you can catch a glimpse by watching our very old trailer here:

The game has come a very long way since then and we are nearing a release date! If you would like to help us out, the best thing you can do is help us spread the word about Min, through facebook, twitter, and so on.

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