Min: A Space Adventure!

10 Nov

This blog has been terribly neglected over the past few months (to all you people who are looking forward to more UnrealScript tutorials I’m sorry it is taking so long, I’ll get to it whenever I have some time to spare =D) but right now I am very pleased to announce:

Min: A Space Adventure!!

Shortly after the Imagine Cup World Finals came to a close, I went on a bit of a development sojourn in Chicago and founded Cwerki Studios! Cwerki is comprised of myself and a handful of very talented people (Michael Taylor and Max Cunningham) and together we set out to build our debut game – Min A Space Adventure.

We recently put together a promotional trailer for the crowd-sourcing site IndieGoGo and the game was received really, really well by the industry and the public. Click here to head to our IndieGoGo site and find out how you can help us bring Min to life!

If you would like to help us out then feel free to do so by contributing and spreading the word about a little planet that seeks to explore the cosmos.

Keep an eye on Cwerki’s official site and make sure to follow me and Cwerki (@Cwerki) on twitter for all the latest!


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2 responses to “Min: A Space Adventure!

  1. MikeP

    11/03/2012 at 3:29 AM

    Pretty cool man! Looks like it will be an unique game. I am a senior at FullSail University and am learning the ins and outs of game design etc. I have Unity experience, but I am just dipping into UDK for the past 4 or 5 months. I commented on some of your older tutorials already and found this new post today. I would be willing to help you in any way I could. Financially is not really an option at the time since as I stated I am a student so <—–No money here. lol, but if there is anything I could do in other areas I would be more than happy to.

    • danhaddad

      11/03/2012 at 9:39 AM

      Hello again Mike!

      Thanks for your kind words! Min has come a long way since that video and we will be releasing pretty soon. The game is nearing completion now so we do not really need any specific sort of help, get familiar with UDK (strongly advised since a large majority of the industry uses it, and for good reason too) and keep an eye on our site!

      Best thing you can do for is right now is help us spread the word about Min! Tell your friends, ask them to tell their friends, share us on twitter/facebook…etc that will be a terrific help.

      Best of luck in your education, and keep at it!


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