Give it a name

30 Jan

A friend of mine said something today that made me wonder. It went something like this:

~The Mathematician:
Btw, what’s going on with [the] unreal [project]?”

He’s referring to Illmare

That little question made me realize the instability of my development cycles.

It occurred to me that I may seem to be an unstable developer, one that does not focus on the project at hand but quickly jumps from one to the other. That was hard to believe at first but once I thought about it for a few clicks it made sense. I do jump from project to project haphazardly and that certainly categorizes me as unstable. Unfortunately, I know this isn’t true so in this post I hope to both address this concern and officially announce a project.

As some of you may know (or may not know… as always I’m very clumsy with announcements and the like) development has already begun on a new project. Naturally, The beginnings are always the hardest part of any project, especially when you have to delegate your time between what I call food on the table work and your striving passion. So it goes without say that some sacrifices had to be made.

I often compare the development process to that of raising children. You have to be very careful and very attentive in the early stages, and then ease out and watch them grow under your direction. That was the case with Project Illmare. I allocated the majority of my time for several months to make sure little Illmare could stand on its own two feet and it did until something happened.

An opportunity presented itself and after thinking long and hard about it, I decided to go for it. This time however, I won’t be doing things alone. That obviously raises the question: “what does that mean for little Illmare?” Well, with projects (unlike children) you can easily put them on the shelf while you focus on something else and that is exactly what happened.

I am very eager to finish Illmare, but for now it will all have to wait. I still do work on it from time to time (write a few lines here, model something there…etc) but for now my attention is focused on this new project and justifiably so. What we are trying to do is something different and something that I hope will be very interesting and very well received.

When I feel comfortable enough about any of my projects (as is standard with all of them) I give them a name, a name that is sure to be hard to pronounce, wacky, and in need of explanation. I still can’t mention much about the project but I can say this, Project Brogil is under development and will be released.

Brogil: is a red star in Tolkien lore that was described as: “glowing like a jewel of fire” (The Fellowship of the Ring)

Borgil presented itself and I was irresistible. That is the only reason why Illmare had to take the backseat. I don’t think that makes me inconsistent or unstable, I like to think that I am a stable developer but one that is wise enough to make a few tough decisions when faced with a tricky situation.

So there it is, as always I’m oozing excitement and tirelessly striving at the project but for now that will have to do. More information will become available at some point so keep an eye out or follow me on twitter for regular updates.

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