Dream – 01 – Background: The Council

16 Jan

Imagine a form of government that involves a large number of elects. These elects reside over the kingdom and collectively form one body. The number of elects is usually in the thousands and it works as follows:

Parties occupy a certain number of seats. Any group of people with an idea or view can formulate a party and occupy seats. The number of seats however is relative to the party’s popularity. You can find a party with one seat and another with hundreds or thousands of seats all depending on the kingdom’s current views. The parties represent the people’s interests and present their ideas to the ruling party. Party campaigns are perfectly conducted and monitored leaving no room for witchcraft or trickery.

The ruling party represents the country. Its the local interest and the final decider in all political says be it large or small. This party is moderately sized and how it works exactly I’m not all that certain yet. The party is usually made up of experienced people that demonstrated a resounding ability to discern what is right and wrong for the future of the kingdom.

This council resides within a huge circular structure usually located in the heart of the kingdom. It not only has to be big enough to actually fit the thousands of people but it also has to be able to house them. Yes, in this system, ruling is not a job it is a form of slavery, not in the sense that it is forced upon some but in the sense that it is going to require your all. Without compromise you can do nothing else. The elects are usually always in the structure as running a large kingdom entails constant work and dedication. Parties may leave the premise in down times but the ruling party may never leave unless relieved of duty. Parties constantly communicate with their headquarters throughout the kingdom and communication lines are perfected and always open to the public when it comes to the ruling party.

Before I share some of these “dreams” I thought I would explain how the structure works. Keeping all this in mind might make things clearer.

Disclaimer: I am not presenting this system as a serious alternative to governments. I’m sure it would have many flaws if applied in the real world but I don’t deal with reality I simply imagine things and for some of these snippets of “dreams” that I had this is the ruling system.


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2 responses to “Dream – 01 – Background: The Council

  1. danhaddad

    16/01/2011 at 5:42 PM

    I initially wanted this to be immediately followed by a piece I wrote but as it turns out the piece has a lot more potential. I’m going to use the next couple of days to thrash it out a bit more and then we’ll see. Till then let your imagination run wild with that.


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