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Give it a name

A friend of mine said something today that made me wonder. It went something like this:

~The Mathematician:
Btw, what’s going on with [the] unreal [project]?”

He’s referring to Illmare

That little question made me realize the instability of my development cycles.

It occurred to me that I may seem to be an unstable developer, one that does not focus on the project at hand but quickly jumps from one to the other. That was hard to believe at first but once I thought about it for a few clicks it made sense. I do jump from project to project haphazardly and that certainly categorizes me as unstable. Unfortunately, I know this isn’t true so in this post I hope to both address this concern and officially announce a project.

As some of you may know (or may not know… as always I’m very clumsy with announcements and the like) development has already begun on a new project. Naturally, The beginnings are always the hardest part of any project, especially when you have to delegate your time between what I call food on the table work and your striving passion. So it goes without say that some sacrifices had to be made.

I often compare the development process to that of raising children. You have to be very careful and very attentive in the early stages, and then ease out and watch them grow under your direction. That was the case with Project Illmare. I allocated the majority of my time for several months to make sure little Illmare could stand on its own two feet and it did until something happened.

An opportunity presented itself and after thinking long and hard about it, I decided to go for it. This time however, I won’t be doing things alone. That obviously raises the question: “what does that mean for little Illmare?” Well, with projects (unlike children) you can easily put them on the shelf while you focus on something else and that is exactly what happened.

I am very eager to finish Illmare, but for now it will all have to wait. I still do work on it from time to time (write a few lines here, model something there…etc) but for now my attention is focused on this new project and justifiably so. What we are trying to do is something different and something that I hope will be very interesting and very well received.

When I feel comfortable enough about any of my projects (as is standard with all of them) I give them a name, a name that is sure to be hard to pronounce, wacky, and in need of explanation. I still can’t mention much about the project but I can say this, Project Brogil is under development and will be released.

Brogil: is a red star in Tolkien lore that was described as: “glowing like a jewel of fire” (The Fellowship of the Ring)

Borgil presented itself and I was irresistible. That is the only reason why Illmare had to take the backseat. I don’t think that makes me inconsistent or unstable, I like to think that I am a stable developer but one that is wise enough to make a few tough decisions when faced with a tricky situation.

So there it is, as always I’m oozing excitement and tirelessly striving at the project but for now that will have to do. More information will become available at some point so keep an eye out or follow me on twitter for regular updates.

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Dream – 01: Sigry of Galania

Yesterday I awoke in a world of shine. The great kingdom of Galania prospered not only as an entity but every man, woman, and child living under our Eastern Star had a pleasant life. Our council worked tirelessly to achieve this. Parties came and parties left, popularity fluctuated and from all that opinionated chaos, our leadership worked tirelessly, ignoring their personal well being all for the sake of our masterpiece of a kingdom.

We’ve come a long way since our days of formulation. Those times are forgotten by most but not by me. I witnessed it all come to pass. In the old days, our people lived a simple life. Weak forms of government flourished and were scattered across the realm, leaders rose to power and quickly fell from it. It was a hard and unforgiving life. But there was one man, a man they called Sigry the Wanderer, but I call him Sigry the Fool. He was no hero, no wizard, he simply thought that things could be better but he knew not how to make them so. One day, from a strange and foreign land a woman visited him and filled his brain with thoughts. He clearly had the potential to think and she abused that and filled his mind with ideas, ideas that were the corner stones to our blissful existence. But that was not all she did.

Her name was unknown to all but he called her Brinelle, my Brinelle… Those who knew her little called her a wizard. Those who knew her a little better called her a witch. I knew better than all of them what she was. She did not possess magic, she simply spoke to him. She spoke to him in a way no man can speak to another. She spoke through his eyes not his ears, she spoke directly to his heart, not his mind and he let her. For days she had him, for days he just sat and listened to her. I know no magic so strong, no magic so frightening. She had to be something more.

With every thought she presented to him, she was there. With every idea, he thought of her. She intoxicated him. And when she finally let him go, he set out to build a wonder that would steal the shine from our Eastern Star. For years he worked tirelessly to build this kingdom, this ruling class. And in those dark times she was always there, whispering in his ear and coaxing him from the shadows. But it did not matter. We both created a Utopia, a sanctuary for all the people, a place they could finally learn to live a true life.

The people looked to him with pride and respect. After all he was a pioneer to them. He crafted a paradise in such a short time but no one besides him knew the truth of it all. Back then, our council was still in its infancy and much like all children, it still looked to its father for advice. Without its guardian the system was not strong enough to survive on its own. But no one saw this, no one knew of the cataclysm that was about to befall us all.

As mystically and as quickly as she had appeared, Brinelle had disappeared. Without a word of farewells, without a word of kind her black heart simply faded into the night. I wish I could explain it all. I wish I could sit here and tell you why she left. But to me, her purpose was malice and her darkness only sought the pleasure of watching us all squirm and perish in agonizing pain. You might think it wrong of me to curse one who gave this realm its salvation but you need to look deeper to understand what she truly left.

He became obsessed with her. She drugged him with her woes and then abandoned him. He became a crazed man. The years in which it took to turn him into a pantheon were all forgotten in the minutes it took to turn him into a demon. The system fell, the people’s spirits fell and chaos roamed free. The council looked to our pantheon for salvation but he was lost.

He did nothing. He roamed about his quarters in circles and when he grew tired he stood by the window and stared an empty cold stare. His mind was lost. He mumbled to himself and saw no one. A knock on the door was too painful to bear. With every knock he thought it was her, every voice he thought was hers. She lived in the corner of his eye and never left him until he went mad and left them all.

It took years to restructure, years to rebuild, and yesterday I finally began to see a Utopia reform. The people forgot their pantheon and looked to themselves for answers. But, they never forgot her. Some called her a witch, others by fouler names I dare not call. It did seem however, that order and bliss were once again restored.

Yesterday morning I walked in the shine and went to the center. The people were a joy to behold. All of them working merrily, bettering their lives and the lives of others. Watching them, I felt cleaner, almost ridden of my curse until… “Out of nowhere! She, she just came out of nowhere!” A man did scream. His bellow was so fierce that it captured the breath of everyone there.

And when I turned to see him, my eyes fell into her gaze. Brinelle had returned my Brinelle. She stood right before me in the flesh, exactly as she did years ago and she still looked the wonderful same. The people all knew her and they all scattered in fear trying to get as far away from her as possible but I couldn’t, I was under her spell.

She slowly approached me she encroached my every defense and I was petrified. Her face so warm did smile to me faintly, until she stood right before me and stopped. I stared into her eyes as her hollow stare did mine and we stood lifeless. Then, I could not contain myself anymore I reached for her and in doing so, I damned us all.

The moment my flesh came in contact with hers she transformed into a hollow spirit. Faint and gloomy she turned away from me and walked into the kingdom and I could not do a thing. The people panicked. They screamed in fear as she simply walked through the streets. Mothers indoors held their sons tight covering their eyes and ears nearly breaking their necks hoping to save them from her curse as she walked outside. But it was all too late, all was now hers again.

The council’s parties quickly scattered in fear as the leading elects simply sat in their seats frozen, petrified, with their eyes down in ground, unable to move, and unable to react. The kingdom fell to ruin and it was all her doing. Not a mouse did quiver, and not a zephyr did blow down the empty streets of Galania and all I did was walk in her wake, I followed.

I hadn’t the cares the people did, I was never rid of her curse and once again I was under her control. I knew it, just as she did. I followed her forever, always a few feet behind her hoping, just for a thought. For years I walked till my feet did bleed but she never did stare, she never did see me. Years later, as our kingdom was stone and dust once more she turned to me again and I saw her smile.

I’ve been free of her curse since. The pain I had caused, the destruction I heralded, that would be my new curse. She then turned and slowly continued her walk through the kingdom and I turned and left my beloved Galania, vowing never to return and never to enter another civilized man’s land. And now, until my breath can no longer carry me, my tales and my regrets will be my only companions.

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Dream – 01 – Background: The Council

Imagine a form of government that involves a large number of elects. These elects reside over the kingdom and collectively form one body. The number of elects is usually in the thousands and it works as follows:

Parties occupy a certain number of seats. Any group of people with an idea or view can formulate a party and occupy seats. The number of seats however is relative to the party’s popularity. You can find a party with one seat and another with hundreds or thousands of seats all depending on the kingdom’s current views. The parties represent the people’s interests and present their ideas to the ruling party. Party campaigns are perfectly conducted and monitored leaving no room for witchcraft or trickery.

The ruling party represents the country. Its the local interest and the final decider in all political says be it large or small. This party is moderately sized and how it works exactly I’m not all that certain yet. The party is usually made up of experienced people that demonstrated a resounding ability to discern what is right and wrong for the future of the kingdom.

This council resides within a huge circular structure usually located in the heart of the kingdom. It not only has to be big enough to actually fit the thousands of people but it also has to be able to house them. Yes, in this system, ruling is not a job it is a form of slavery, not in the sense that it is forced upon some but in the sense that it is going to require your all. Without compromise you can do nothing else. The elects are usually always in the structure as running a large kingdom entails constant work and dedication. Parties may leave the premise in down times but the ruling party may never leave unless relieved of duty. Parties constantly communicate with their headquarters throughout the kingdom and communication lines are perfected and always open to the public when it comes to the ruling party.

Before I share some of these “dreams” I thought I would explain how the structure works. Keeping all this in mind might make things clearer.

Disclaimer: I am not presenting this system as a serious alternative to governments. I’m sure it would have many flaws if applied in the real world but I don’t deal with reality I simply imagine things and for some of these snippets of “dreams” that I had this is the ruling system.


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