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Ultima Return Systems Released

As some of you already know I am a member of Team Serpent. Team Serpent is a team of designers, writers, and programmers dedicated to bringing our very own Ultima Adventure to your computers. This adventure is based on the NWN2 Engine and as part of the development process we decided to release some of the systems we are developing to encourage future Ultima fans to make games of their own.

I am proud to mention that you can now download a few more of our systems. I’ve recently released the Death & Injury systems (also includes Healer NPCs) and the Detection and Theft systems. You may download and check them out. They constitute mostly a collection of scripts and a trial area.

Also for those interested in enhancing the system I’ve written up a thick document outlining how the system works. It is also included in the download.

I intend to make a few videos outlining how the systems work but with my days being as full as they are I might not get around to that for a while.

In any case keep an eye on my site for all the latest developments.

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